Alternative Therapies

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Yoga for Arthritis

In 2007, Dr. Badsha, Rheumatologist and Dr. Vishwas Chhabra, Yoga Specialist, published their findings derived from a study on the benefits of yoga for rheumatoid arthritis. Study findings on Yoga and Arthritis Compared to a group of patients who did other forms of exercise, it was found that the group that practiced yoga improved significantly in […]

Supplements & Natural Therapies

The key to relief from most ailments today is in exercise and a healthy diet. And so, Physicians are now leaning toward a measured use of supplements and natural therapies in combination with an array of treatment methods – for arthritis pain relief. Exercise/physical therapy Physical therapy is a treatment option that uses exercises designed […]

Diet for Arthritis

Eating a good and balanced diet will help your body function at its best. Following a balanced diet can help you feel better, stay healthy, maintain a healthy weight, prevent chronic diseases such as some cancers, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, and be positive toward managing your disease. What is a Good Diet? Variety, balance […]

Alternative Therapies

Many patients with RA turn to alternative, traditional or complementary medicines because of lack of efficacy or fear of traditional medicines. There is also the sometimes mistaken notion that alternative medications are safer than traditional medicines. This chapter attempts to examine the efficacy and safety of some of these treatments. In a study of patients […]

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